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Past Events
Autumn 2017

Music at Aden is part of Friends of Aden

AuRora Choir

3rd December 2017

'This very talented, good humoured, relaxed Choir gave a powerful and harmonious rendition of Seasonal Carols and Songs- beautifully orchestrated by LIz Grant. Donations in aid of Children in Need were cheerfully given by an admiring audience at the Christmas Fair held in the Aden Park Polytunnels, December 2017. Fortunately, further 'Aspects of AuRora', in aid of the same cause, can be heard at Aden Theatre on June 3rd 2018.

Ruth Smith

photographs by Liz Scott

Mary May Jazz Quintet

5th November 2017

A full house audience greatly appreciated the ensemble which is the Mary May Quintet. Mary's delightfully understated voice beautifully recalls the Billie Holliday sound. With unfaltering melodic rendition of these wonderful wispy sad numbers, Mary and the band communicate not only the sense of longing but the lingering sense of hope. The very able musicians (Colin Black - Guitar, Fabrizio Conti- Drums, Alan King - Piano and Ray Leonard - Bass ) bring a clear synergy to the total performance. 

Ruth Smith

photographs by Charlie Scott

The Heller Quartet

1st October 2017

Heller Quartet

“As the precious last rays of Autumnal sun shine receded, The Music at Aden audience eagerly welcomed to the Aden Theatre Gareth John (Cello), Jean Fletcher (Violin, Founder Member, Heller Quartet), Ruth Kalitski (Violin) and Sandra Campbell (Viola). A charming and accomplished performance skilfully highlighted a thread of musical development through the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. The progression from the impassioned Beethoven, the melodic Borodin to the irresistible 20th Century Swing of Gershwin, informed by word and music and all hugely fondly and ably performed, left a delighted and up-lifted audience.”

Ruth Smith

photographs by Charlie Scott


3rd September 2017

‘Gareth John and Alison MacDonald are Cellissimo who brought to Aden Theatre a highly entertaining display of musical virtuosity and instrumental compatibility. Playing pieces by composers Boccherini and Borodin alongside several ‘fun’ pieces they demonstrated their clear love for their musical instruments and how they can can bring them alive. This performance, a delightful, informative repertoire provided sometimes light enjoyment as well as deeply emotive musical pieces. The audience revelled overall in the performers’ relaxed, personal ease of communication, the musicians complete trust in each other’s musical skill and in the resultant sweet sound of two cellos. Gareth and Alison are truly Cellissimo. ‘

Ruth Smith

Music at Aden

photographs by Charlie Scott

Roslin String Quartet

29th July 2017

Music at Aden in Partnership with Aberdeen International Youth Festival

A summer evening with sunshine streaming brought the Roslin String Quartet (Hannah Gordon, Heather Storer, Alisha Oldfield and Iain McHugh) to Aden for a delightful combination of excellent musicianship and renewed communion of the Aden audience to begin the Autumn/ Winter Season. This Quartet played beautiful chamber music by Greig (String Quartet in G Minor) to an admiring audience and magnificent applause followed by rousing Bartok (Romanian Folk Dances) and a witty arrangement of Scottish tunes by Iain McHugh. 


photographs by Charlie Scott