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About Music At Aden

Music at Aden is part of Friends of Aden

Music at Aden is the working title for music events held in Aden Theatre. It comprises a small steering group of enthusiasts within Friends of Aden committed to supporting the development of Aden Park for the benefit of the coastal and local communities. We are all Volunteers. Music at Aden was formed in 2016 to introduce a programme of Classical, Jazz, Contemporary and Traditional music to Aden Country Park. The group works within Friends of Aden in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council and Buchan Development Partnership with a view to setting up a continuous programme of quality music events which are easily accessible to the surrounding communities and to include participation of young musicians.
Music at Aden is grateful for the support and encouragement received from Aberdeen Sinfonietta Director, Bryan Dargie and from the Sinfonietta Musicians. 

All Concerts are held in Aden Country Park Theatre, a small intimate space with excellent acoustic facility. The Theatre seats 60 people and offers the audience close proximity to musicians. Both series have been highly successful in terms of quality of music, concert attendance and audience member appreciation. A regular concert going core audience has emerged. 

Refreshments provided in the Friends of Aden shop during interval give an opportunity to meet and mingle often with the musicians themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and inclusive. Musicians enjoy the informality and audience members appreciate the easy access to music of high quality ‘on their doorstep’. . 

Friends of Aden wish to promote continued involvement of local musicians as well as those from further afield and to offer performance space and opportunity for young musicians at all stages of their development. The Music at Aden group welcomes enquiries from all interested parties; from those who may have difficulty attending, from musicians wishing to perform, from schools, choirs, music others. We would also be very pleased to hear from those of you who may wish to sponsor this continuing initiative. 

For more information contact Aden Craft and Gift Shop.

Tel: 01771 624268 or 07729 791482


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